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Rise with the sun and greet the day with our Half Day Tour, a compact adventure designed to showcase the essence of Shkodra’s enchanting landscape and cultural landmarks. This tour is perfect for those seeking a blend of nature and history in a concise format. Launch your kayak into the misty morning waters, paddling through habitats rich with birdlife and blooming lilies, a testament to the area’s thriving biodiversity. Experience the serenity of the lake at dawn, a magical time when nature awakens. Enjoy a brief interlude of local snacks in the company of historical marvels like the Rozafa Castle each with stories etched into their ancient stones. The Half Day Tour is an invitation to witness the splendor of Shkodra, guided by the expertise of Drini Times, ensuring a journey filled with awe and wonder.

Tour Plan

1. 🛶 Morning Kayak: Set off from Drini Times Watersports Point in Shiroka for a refreshing paddle in the calm morning waters.
2. 🐦 Birdwatching in Ramsar Area: Explore the restricted birdwatching area, home to species like the Whiskered Tern and Dalmatian Pelican.
3. 🏰 Rozafa Castle Views: Kayak close to the historic Rozafa Castle, enjoying unique views from the water.
4. 🍽️ Local Snacks: Pause for locally sourced snacks at a scenic spot where the Drini and Buna rivers meet.
5. 🛶 Cultural Visit: Conclude your tour with a visit to the Church of Shirq, a monument steeped in history and local lore.
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