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The Full Tour offers an all-encompassing voyage through the heart of Shkodra’s natural and historical wonders. From the gentle ripples of Lake Shkodra to the architectural splendor of ancient ruins, immerse yourself in a curated experience that unveils the region’s treasures. Begin with a dive into the biodiversity hotspot, guided by expert naturalists who bring the area’s ecological significance to life. Glide through the Ramsar and IBA protected zones, home to a symphony of birdlife amidst floating Water Lily carpets. Savor traditional flavors with a locally-sourced picnic, all while basking in the scenic beauty of this Balkan paradise. Witness the imposing silhouette of Rozafa Castle and the timeless elegance of the Shirqi Church, as history unfolds before your eyes. With Drini Times’ dedicated team ensuring a smooth journey, indulge in the luxury of discovery, where every moment is tailored to enchant

Tour Plan

1. 🛶 Expert-Led Kayaking: Start your day with a comprehensive introduction, followed by guided kayaking through the most beautiful and ecologically significant areas of the lake.
2. 🐦 Birdwatching Extravaganza: With an expert guide, observe rare birds like the Whiskered Tern and Dalmatian Pelican in their natural habitats.
3. 🍹 Refreshment Stops: Enjoy Mojito cocktails at Buna Bridge and local snacks at the confluence of the Drini and Buna rivers.
4. 🏰 Cultural Insights: Paddle beneath the Rozafa Castle, visit the XIII century Church of Shirq, and immerse yourself in the region’s rich history.


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